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Life Balance

    Values and Beliefs - What is important to you now, are there conflicts?

    Health - What do you want, explore what is stopping you getting what you want.

    Family/Friends - Do you want more time for them and yourself, what is stopping you?

    Work - What could you change if you knew what to change?

    Stress - Dealing with stress find strategies tailored for you.

Goal Achievement

    Your own business - Find the skills and tools within you to go it alone.

    Changing Career - Identify what you want and go out and get it.

    Developing confidence - It is already within you, you will find ways to release it.

    Realising your dreams - Start to understand that dreams are the raw material of success.

If you are interested and think that you could gain from business or personal coaching then call me on +45 28 59 28 02 or drop me an e-mail at sh@vitalsteps.org.

I offer all enquiries the chance to try out coaching before you commit any money. All I ask for is your time, for this I give you a chance to see what coaching can do for you.