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Cross Cultural Communication Course
Based on our team’s Danish Culture, Steve Hammond helped us gain both an excellent theoretical and practical experience of how we can improve our communication with colleagues and business partners from German and English cultures. With much empathy he introduced us to various tools, which we can use in our daily work. Steve proved to be a skilled and flexible instructor. He was remarkably open-minded, and it was most beneficial to experience his interest in and empathy for our daily work - both during the planning of the Cross Cultural Communication course and during the course itself.
Ulla Fischlein Madsen - Language specialist DONG Energy Power
When working with Steve I have found him to be honest reliable and determined, he always delivers against agreed objectives. The people around him benefit from his calmness, patience and his ability to see the big picture.
”Jeg har gennem mit samarbejde med Steve oplevet ham som yderst troværdig, seriøs og ordholdende. For ham er en aftale en aftale og han leverer derfor det altid det der er aftalt. De mennesker der er omkring ham oplever hans store ro og overblik, samt ikke mindst tålmodighed.”
            Jan Jessen - Director/Partner Training Gallery
“I found Steve to be an assertive and a dynamic leader who built and led a strong team of people, who consistently delivered against target and objectives. Steve is a self-starter who leads from the front and by example. He demonstrates key management attributes, has good business acumen and his energy and enthusiasm are infectious.  He is a good team player and has strong interpersonal skills, is firm but fair and has an approachable and considerate management style.”
            Steve Knott - Managing Director BAA WDFE
“Steve always grasped and understood the issues I had in hand and allowed me to find ways to deal with them for myself. The lessons I learned during the time he coached me have remained with me and are a constant help. His always positive attitude and openness to listen has inspired me to do the same with the teams I have managed.”
            Jonathan Bance - Head of Systems Support 
“Steve Hammond helped me to give the pupils a real insight into the statement “You are your life. The time with Steve for the pupils was a great experience, he connected with them immediately, it was his energy and presence that kept them captivated.”
            Sanne Nielson - Teacher
“He is a very skilled instructor, with great experience around the practical phases (climbing, rappelling, putting up and carry out team exercises in the nature). He also possesses a wide theoretical and practical knowledge in team development and Coaching, which he has been using at our seminars for Companies all over Denmark. He easily combines the participant’s experiences and impressions into profitable evaluations.”
            Ole Rasmussen - Manager
“Steve always showed great integrity and was a very effective team player. His strong physical and mental strength was always a key asset.”
            Chris Lang BA [Hons], FCMA
“As an individual Steve is driven, focused, a fantastic team builder and member, and a good sound businessman.”
            Sue Cheetham - Retail HR Director, Apple

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