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Steve is a dynamic coach who has built his coaching business on extensive experience gained at all levels of business management, from board director to line manager.
He has been a key part in setting up new businesses that are now turning over in excess of 500 million per year.
He helps people close the gap between thinking about and being what they want to be and he helps businesses close the gap between talking about and actually achieving their goals.
What customers have said about Steve
  • Dynamic
  • Inspirational
  • High energy
  • Mentally strong
  • Driven
  • Focused
He has been trained by the European Coaching Institute, as a life coach and has 15 years of hands on business coaching experience. He is an NLP practitioner and incorporates the tools at all levels within his coaching where appropriate and he uses them in his daily life.

He has coached individuals and businesses helping them to achieve their elusive goals, and improve their life and work balance.

With 20 years of experience working in London as a project manager, department head and board director, mixed with his experiences gained as a climber and global traveller, he brings a rich variety of knowledge to his coaching business.

A note from Steve Hammond:

I have been based in Denmark since 2005, I closed my company Vital steps in the UK and re opened it in Denmark in 2006.

I moved over to be with my Danish girlfriend who I met whilst climbing in Nepal. We started to rebuild an old 1800 town house on the island of Fyn in 2006, which we finished in 2007.

On top of all this we started a family, our first son was born in April 2007 and one more is due in September 2008. Oh and I am learning the Danish language slowly.

So as you can see I do embrace change, it is very hard at times but the rewards are high. At all times I have needed to keep my energy levels high. Having said that there where times when I felt like I was running on empty.

So finding the time to recharge was important to me and my family. I was able to do this by understanding the needs of my mind, body and heart and ensuring I gave them what they needed to refuel. So that I had the energy to maintain my commitment, enthusiasm and balance,

“I am passionate about helping people and businesses to release for themselves their TRUE POTENTIAL.”

 Steve Hammond

If you are interested and think that you could gain from business or personal coaching then call me on +45 28 59 28 02 or drop me an e-mail at sh@vitalsteps.org..

I offer all enquiries the chance to try out coaching before you commit any money. All I ask for is your time, for this I give you a chance to see what coaching can do for you.